Common CBD Myths and Misconceptions

If you have read or seen the news lately, there has been rising popularity in the usage of CBD products. There are now so many different products ranging from creams to lotions to gummy bears. This has been fueled by the research into the benefits of using CBD. Most people started buying CBD products and the industry as a whole is booming. But there are still a lot of misconceptions and other false truths about CBD. This has caused some people to avoid using CBD products. In these articles, some of the more common myths and misconceptions are addressed. View CBD skincare products here

To start with, there is this misconception that CBD is non-psychoactive. This is not completely true or false. This is only true if you are comparing marijuana to CBD and maybe any other products with a high THC content. The component of marijuana that makes me feel ‘high’ is called THC. The reason why most people think that CBD is non-psychoactive is that the levels of THC in CBD is very low. Therefore, when you compare that to any other product the has high amounts of THC, it seems to have no effect on you. The levels to which the trace THC components interferes with your brain chemistry is not as significant as other high THC products do. Read on this service

The other misconception about CBD is that they are illegal. This is also not exactly true. What is true though is that CBD can be obtained from cannabis Sativa. In some places across the world, this is still illegal. But in many other places, there is ongoing legalization of marijuana. But in most cases, CBD is extracted from hemp, which is a type of cannabis Sativa. But the THC content in hemp is 0.3%. because it is in a very low amount, it is not classified as a controlled substance. Hence it is legal. That is why CBD products that have been made from the hemp plant aren't illegal

There are also these common misconceptions that when you take CBD you will feel tired because it is a sedative. Once again, this is false. The only way that you will feel sleepy due to CBD products, is when you take a high amount of CBD. In fact, it is known by most people. But in the event you only take small doses of CBD, you will not get any of the sedative effects that it has. Learn more on

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